Harper and the Moths – Rock. Pop. Soul.

Anyone who’s seen Harper and the Moths live knows they’re a classy dance band with mad skills. They take performing seriously and bring it with style reminiscent of the well-dressed Power Pop bands of the ’80’s. Harper and the Moths bring that same style and energy to their most recent EP, Rock.Pop.Soul., but with a surprise. 

Rock.Pop.Soul. is actually 2 EP’s in one- 2 parts Power Pop, 1 part Dance Remix. A brilliant move. 
Admittedly, I don’t listen to much Dance music, but I found it interesting to hear an artist take their own songs and change them into a different genre. That difference in style almost makes the two renditions 2 different songs. And I enjoyed the opportunity of listening to a type of music I don’t often hear. If Rock.Pop.Soul. Doesn’t get you dancing, nothing will. 
Current band members include Harper Lines (lead vocals), Kelsee Kilo (keyboards, vocals), Chan (guitar and vocals), Dave Cambell (bass), and Etti Bowen (drums). 
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